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Crocs. Love them or hate them, they are must-haves for travel in 2022!

Most people have a love/hate relationship with Crocs. On the love side are those who have multiple pairs for multiple uses – working in the garden, wearing to the pool, a pair for the beach, a pair for the suitcase, and of course a pair for everyday.

The haters are those that have them, but only wear them “around the house”. Or those won’t wear them at all. I was a Croc hater for years. I mean the Crocs Classic Clog is not the most attractive shoe in the world. But it is one of their best sellers. Lightweight, comfy, and those little holes make them “breathable”. These qualities make them perfect for sightseeing, theme parks, traveling, and ideal for any situation where you are standing all day. They are easy to slip on and off when going through security at the airport. The rainbow of colors offered in men, women, and kids sizes make the Classic Clog the perfect shoe for the whole family. It’s also convenient that you can order them online, and if you need a different size, you can always return them in-store.




In the winter, you can keep your tootsies comfy AND warm with the Crocs Classic Lined Clog. It’s called  “fuzz lined”.




I particularly like the Crocs Flip Flops. I keep a pair in my suitcase at all times. I am  one of those people who absolutely cannot stand when my bare feet touch the floor in a hotel room. Also handy for a pool visit and the beach when traveling.




I also keep a spare pair of Crocs Classic Slides at my parents house, and have a pair I wear around my home too.  The Classic Slide is one of my favorites. So comfy, easy to clean,  and a nice thick sole for support. 




Did you know that Crocs even has a Crocs at Work line tailored to the nursing, chef, hospitality, and healthcare industry? There is the Bistro Clog, The Crocs-on-the-Clock Work Slip on, and the Neria Pro Literide Clog II to name a few.  Easy to clean, lightweight, waterproof, and slip resistant. These are great qualities in a travel shoe too. 


Insert crocs at work pic/banner. 


So many Crocs, so little time. How many pairs of comfy Crocs do you own?